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Out of 5 stars Legend Of Siamese Cats. Reviewed in the United States on Octo In the centuries of interface with Thai cats and their origins, this is the first important work that brings the ancient Siam love of cats to the modern world.

This book is a responsible and throughly academic account of Thai Cat breeds from ancient /5(3). This is the radically revised and expanded version of the successful book The Legend of Siamese Cats.

While retaining the former volume's core attraction of translations of the famous Thai Cat Book Poems from medieval times, this new book delves more deeply into the real Thai cats as they have progressed from then until the present day.5/5(2).

All About Siamese Cats book. Read reviews from world’s largest community for readers. Great resource. I recommend the Barron's Guide on Siamese Cats over this.

flag Like see review. Randee rated it really liked it Mary Spanabel-weber rated it /5. The Original 'Siamese Cat' was Seal Pointed, as presented in the ancient CAT BOOK POEMS (Tamra Maew) (circa ), the SMUD KHOI OF CATS (circa ) and a possibly more recent book known as THE BOOK OF THE CAT (Characteristics of Siamese cats).

Howere in none of these is the Seal Pointed cat given top billing. The Cat Who is a series of twenty-nine mystery novels and three related collections by Lilian Jackson Braun and published by G.

Putnam's Sons, featuring a reporter named Jim Qwilleran and his Siamese cats, Kao K'o-Kung (Koko for short) and Yum first was written inwith two more following in and The fourth appeared eighteen years later, after which at least. Two Siamese were chosen to preserve the goblet in the sacred temple.

The male cat was named Tein, and the female Chula. All went well until Tein became uneasy and left (after mating with Chula) to find a new priest capable of caring for the goblet.

Poor Chula, now expecting kittens, never took her eyes off the sacred goblet. Whatever the origin of the beautiful Siamese cat, the cat was mentioned in the famous Cat Book of Poem (or "Treatises on Cats") Tamra Maew, which was written between and in the ancient Siamese capital, Ayudha.

The exact date when this cat, called Wichian Mat or Wichien-maat appeared in the book is not known. Several Siamese cat legends try to imagine how the breed might have got the kinked tails and crossed eyes that it's become known for.

These characteristics are seen as faults nowadays and have largely been bred out of Siamese genes, so you don't come across.

The Siamese cats were also believed to avert evil spirits, which people very much believed in in Siam. On top of this they were believed to bring good luck to their owners. The King's Protectors.

There are cat legends about how the Siamese cats protected the king of. It is said that the Royal cat of Siam is a product of a mating between the "Egyptian cat" and "wild cat" of Siam.

There was a book published under the White Lotus press - Bangkok incalled "The Legend of Siamese Cats", by Martin R Clutterbuck pictured left which brings the ancient Siam love of cats to the modern world. This book was a. Revised edition of: The legend of Siamese cats. Description: xxi, pages: illustrations (some color) ; 30 cm: Responsibility: Martin R.

Clutterbuck. Reviews. the ancient Thai Book of the Cat. It also has comprehensive chapters on the Witchen Maat, the Korat and the Suphalat (Siamese, Korat and Burmese/Tonkinese). Many legends surround the Siamese cat, and there is one particularly endearing myth which associates the creation of the Siamese with the journey of Noah's Ark.

In a story from a book legend of Siamese cats book Animals and Man, by George Cansdale, a description was given of the boredom of the animals in the Ark during their long journey, and of their ways of.

Siamese (Book): Owen, Ruth: Introduces Siamese cats, describing the history of the breed, their physical features, life cycle, inquisitive nature, and friendly behavior. The translation into English in of the historic Thai Cat Poems or Tamra Maew (published in The Legend of Siamese Cats by Martin R.

Clutterbuck) clearly describes a white cat with black ears, face, paws and tail known as Maew Kaew, or Wichien-maas. These poems are between and years old, but reflect a literary culture much older, and. Check out our siamese cat book selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops.

According to yet another legend, whenever a member of the royal family or high ranking official passed away, his or her soul would be received by a chosen Siamese cat.

Afterwards, the cat would go on to live in extreme luxury at one of the sacred temples. The Siamese is one of the oldest recognized breeds of Oriental cat, originating from Thailand (formerly known as Siam).

Now, I know the lure of big blue eyes might be enough to sucker you into a year sentence, but it's important that you're happy so your bundle of kitty will be.

When Paws went searching for history about Siamese cats, we found the first cat with Siamese markings appeared on an old engraving discovered by a Mr. Pallas on his journey into Southern Russia between and Another Siamese is found in the ‘Cat-Book Poems’ where drawings of cats of various colors and patterns are found.

It had stiffened, permanently - and all Siamese cats from then on were born with a kink in their tail. The Siamese cat’s kinked tail has inspired many myths According to a different story, a sacred goblet had been stolen from one of Siam's temples, and a pair of Siamese cats set off into the surrounding woodlands to search for it.

Sydney W France, editor of “Cats and Kittens” magazine, wrote the book “Siamese Cats” in This was the first major publication on Siamese cats since “The history of the Siamese in this country is a very short one, and it is true to say that they have only been here within living memory, and that the first ones actually were.

Siamese Cat Legends. One legend says the Siamese is as old as Noah's Ark. The story is that while the Ark was waiting for the waters to subside after the flood, the animals got bored.

A liaison took place between a lioness and an ape, resulting in the birth of the first Siamese cat, said to have the bravery of a lion and the attributes of an. This is a book for cat lovers of all ages who enjoy a good adventure with a happy ending.

Rufus is a cherished pet, enjoying a life of love, luxury and companionship - as all Siamese cats. A Siamese cat named Kenny appears in the Flying Witch anime.

He is the familiar of Akane. In the Bad Kitty book series, there is a talkative Siamese cat named 'Chatty Kitty'. Nearly every time she meows, there is a star next to her meowing, which translates it. A Siamese cat is featured on the cover art for the Blink album Cheshire Cat.

There are two versions of the Siamese cat: The original/traditional breed, which is known as the Thai cat, and the modern Siamese cat. The Thai cat’s features are considered to be ‘old style’, having a more rounded head and body. Whereas the modern Siamese has a more triangular head shape, triangular ears, and an elongated, muscular body.

In purr-ticular the scene where the two Siamese cats (Si and Am) skulk from within a picnic basket and frighten poor Lady while singing their infamous song, “The Siamese Cat Song” During the song, the siblings, Si and Am move in complete symmetry, all the while shooting sinister stares at Lady as if she were a delicious meal, or a toy to.

When her kittens were born, they all had the crossed eyes and kinked tails. That’s why some Siamese are still born with these traits, or so the legend goes.

Many Siamese cats have owned Hollywood stars. The list of Hollywood stars whose Siamese cats have owned them is very long. The Siamese is for all those who want a full-on relationship with a character cat. No shrinking violet, the Siamese both demands and provides extremely stimulating companionship.

Legend says that the Siamese were originally temple cats and received the souls of mortals upon their deaths. siamese cat book free download - Talking Siamese Cat, Catmoji - Cat Sticker Emoji Keyboard for Siamese Cat Lovers, Cat Coloring Book, and many more programs.

The translation into English in of the historic Thai Cat Poems or Tamra Maew (published in The Legend of Siamese Cats by Martin R. Clutterbuck) clearly describes a white cat with black ears, face, paws and tail known as Maew Kaew, or Wichien-maas.

Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats by T. Eliot: Jupiter The Deptford Mice by Robin Jarvis: Worshipped as the Lord of All by the rats, feared like a dark god of the sewers. Khat Midnite by Randolph Stow: He is a talking Siamese cat who persuades Captain Midnite to become a bushranger and formulates his plans.

Kitsa The Indian in the Cupboard. This manuscript, called Cat Book Poems, had a description of a pale cat, except for its dark face, feet, ears, and tail. People Used Legends to Explain Siamese’s Features Several legends exist that attempt to explain how the cats came by several of their features—being cross-eyed and having a kinked tail.

Browse Siamese kittens for sale & cats for adoption. Siamese cats are highly active cats that demand love and attention. They will follow their companions around and strike up a conversation about everything and anything. The Khao Manee is an ancient cat breed comparable to the Siamese, Korat and other Thailand cat breeds.

The Khao Manee is mentioned in the Tamra Maew, or Cat Book Poems, that also mention the Siamese cat breed and other coat colored cats endemic to the country Thailand, or Siam, as it was previously known.

Khao Manee cats are pure white with a short, smooth, close-lying coat. Cats ebooks. Buy or download free e-books. Ragdoll Cat Secrets. Pamper Your Cat. Understanding, Caring For And Training Your Cat. Cat Training Tips. Cat Training. Owning A Cat All About CATS.

Cat Training Secrets. Cat Training To Stop Your Cat's Behavior Problems!. Complete Cat Care. Legend has it that Siamese cats were the vessels for souls of recently deceased royal family members. It is also believed that their crossed eyes were a.

Cat Legends from Around the World. Ccoa – The Evil Cat Demon of South Peru. The legend of Ccoa is told in the Indian Quechua tribe in south Peru. Ccoa is a huge cat, almost three meters long and has dark stripes running down his fur. This evil cat has control over lightning and the hail. Ccoa has the power to ruin crops and wipe out humans.

We hope this list of kids books about Siamese cats can be a helpful resource for parents, teachers, and others searching for a new book. Share this list. Add to list Skippyjon Jones in the Doghouse.

Written & illustrated by Judy Schachner. picture book. Recommend Ages: The first Siamese cat to come to the US belonged to a President. The first Siamese cat to come to the United States was given to President Rutherford B.

Hayes' wife Lucy as a gift. InDavid B. Sickels, a U.S. diplomat at the consul in Thailand, shipped "one of the finest specimens of Siamese cats" to the first lady. "Siam" soon became a. The Siamese is the most universally recognized domestic cat breed on the planet and one of the oldest, with a history as colorful as the cat herself.

These sleek, vocal cats with big baby-blue eyes and striking pointed pattern originated hundreds of years ago in Siam (now Thailand), where they were held in high esteem. According to legend, for generations the kings of Siam kept Siamese cats.

Siamese cats are truly beautiful, and some are well known for their intelligence and Hardy vocalizations (Which Means LOUD!!!!!, for all those leaving comments and not reading what is written). I have had 2 in my lifetime, and loved every minute.

As the legend goes, the Burmese is a descendant of a breed once worshipped in Burmese temples as embodiments of gods.

The Cat-Book Poems also shows pictures of Siamese and what is likely Korat cats, suggesting these cats existed as separate, definable breeds for centuries.Siamese cats, called Maeo Boran in Thai, have a wide variety of coat colors resulting from tyrosinase (TYR) mutations, and their eyes range from blue and green to yellow and gold.

Naturally attached and loyal to humans, Maeo Boran are easy to keep in the home and to train to walk on a leash; they often have a beautiful, chatty voice and behave. They have a legend attached to this appearance.

As per the legend, a particular Siamese cat was assigned to guard a goblet for its king. The feline clutched it so hard that her tail bent and due to constant staring her pupils also lost focus. The Classic Siamese Cat Variety Native to Thailand Is Called Wichien Matt, Or Simply Thai Cat.

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